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Energy Savings Agreements


I.    Check cooling operation   

            (Only serviced during March-May)

1.       Wash condenser coils

2.       Check refrigerant charge

3.       Check contactor, capacitor & other electrical components

4.       Check condenser motor

5.       Check blower motor

6.       Check blower wheel

7.       Change filters (if supplied by homeowner)

8.       Check temperature split

9.       Check and blow out condensation lines

II.   Check heating operation

(Only serviced during October-December)

1.       Clean Furnace         

            a. Check burners

            b. Clean burners & Heat Exchanger (if needed)

2.       Visually check heat exchanger for holes or cracks.

3.       Clean thermocouples

4.       Check amperage and voltage

5.       Check all electrical parts

6.       Check blower motor

7.       Check blower wheel

Email reminders will be sent

In March and October

For Existing Customers



       E.S.A stands for Energy Savings Agreement.  A service technician will visit twice a year to inspect and clean your

       air conditioning and heating equipment to make sure that it is running as efficiently as possible. As an oil change

       prolongs your vehicles’ life, our ESA procedures will provide you with the same peace of mind for your heating & A/C system.


Benefits of becoming and ESA customer

Our one time Spring or Fall Checkups have a value of $130.00.

We also offer an annual service agreement for $180.00 per year (System checkup twice a year).

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